The first day of school. Chaos. Hustle and bustle. Unfamiliar faces. Tiny tots reluctant to enter the school.

'The memory made him nostalgic. He rose up from his chair, contemplating. A little smile came to his lips. And....... he jumped from the window.' 

His mind was full of conflicts - conflicts between thoughts, whether to live or to die. The first option he had was to continue with a life that led him to being depressed by and by. The other recourse seemed much easier. He could experience peace, solace, contentment......

He had been a bright student since his school days; came up with 10 CGPA in his 10th standard board exams.  And as custom demands in our society, the very first statement, as expected by parents, is "ladka doctor banega" !!!!!

An introvert as he was; smiled and said nothing. Ideas kept clashing in his intellect but he didn't have the guts to speak up before his father, whose only cherished dream was to see his son as a doctor. After having gathered lots of courage overnight, he decided to speak to his father. He wished to pursue journalism. But to no avail. His attempts went in vain. He wasn't taken seriously and was reprimanded in a manner that didn't allow him to utter a word.

His parents made him enter a medical college. He lived with a heavy heart all those 5 years of graduation, with his mind and heart always quarreling.
The big day had come- convocation ceremony. And his father hugged him tightly like any other proud parent. He contended with the smile on his father's face.

"Everything has to be perfect today"- he thought as he drove to the hospital. Nervous as he was, he entered the operation theater to perform his first operation. The atmosphere was ambiguous; silence all around. His heart beated even faster. He tried to recall all that he had studied these 5 years. He operated. The case had become critical and the patient was at risk for the next 24 hours. He gave his best and walked out of the operation theater.

During the wee hours of the morning, as he sat reading the newspaper, he received a call from the hospital.

A chill ran down his spine. Yes. His very first operation was unsuccessful. The patient breathed his last that morning. He was seized by feelings of guilt. Again, the battle began. The battle between the mind and the heart - the former imposing a false hope that he was not at fault, while the latter, "accepting the truth."

 As he closed his eyes in disgust, he visualized a lad, begging his father for letting him pursue what he wants. He couldn't blame anyone; neither his father nor himself. He retrospected, all that he had done his entire life. His heart emerged victoriously but 'he lost the battle he had been raging against himself since years.'
He had been taken by self-reproach and was left with a single option that could prevent him from disgrace. Yes.... he jumped.

                                         "Incredible India????"

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"More than two-fold increase in rape cases in Delhi." - The Times of India.

"Four FIRs filed in Bangalore molestation cases."- The Hindu.

Crap! A sovereign country, with the longest written constitution, records the highest number of rape cases in the world. Incredible! Isn't it? A nation that idolizes a woman as "DEVI", a nation where each second speaks of hundreds of molestation cases! Since the times of Mahabharata and Ramayana till the present day, women have been stripped off their dignity innumerable times.

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Everyday, the morning newspaper says it all! Be it the "Nirbhaya case" or the "Bengaluru mass molestation", the scenario remains same. With ministers blaming girls for dressing up the modern way, who expects a better law, a better punishment for this dirty offense. In spite of a well defined penal code, our government takes no action against the accused.

An FIR filed in Haryana speaks gives an account of a 10 year old rape victim, who was brutally raped by a group of 4 men, while she was returning from school. No strict action had been taken again them and they had been released on bail, providing them the guts to assault her "again". A survey conducted by the Times of India says that in the majority of cases, assaulters belong to the age group 15-30, i.e the youth of India.

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Where is the youth heading towards? The need of the hour is to reframe our mindsets. Men need to realise that this act of theirs is merely a symbol of their shallowness. The word "man" loses its worth, the very moment he tries to overpower a woman to satisfy his lust. Everybody thinks of changing humanity but nobody thinks of changing himself. The youth needs awakening. So let the change begin now.

 To all the accused men- "it's high time,grow up, and be a man."
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Well, this is my first post related to Blogging and SEO. I will share some tips regarding How To Start A Blog. Blogging is a very promising and lucrative field of writing stuff over the internet. Fellas who are looking over the internet for articles on How To Start A Blog will find every stuff right here from scratch. So, now let's begin with this and see about the basic requirement and other stuff.

1.) Choose A Platform: Blogger and Wordpress is a very nice platform, to begin with. If you are planning to start a blog related to sharing your writing or your personal blog regarding your experience or sharing then Blogger is a great platform. If you are targeting viewership and some awesome SEO tools then nothing beats Wordpress. But, according to me Blogger and Wordpress are equally good for a newbie blogger.

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2.) Target a Particular Audience: A niche audience will ensure some initial subscription and regular page visit. Choose your field wisely and you may write accordingly depending on your field of expertise or domain. If you want to rise fast then, choose an area with very less present resources and web content.

3.) Create a Fan Page: If you want to start a blog, then do create a fan page(Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c.). For a newbie blogger, a maximum audience is directed from these sites. Usually, for my blog, I get around 80% of my views from these sites. Also, do add the Fan Page on your blog to maximize the reach.

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4.) Choose Your Keywords Wisely: Keyword selection is the main and most important criteria for a higher search result. Try to have an occurrence of at least 2% of the main keyword in your article. 

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5.) Make a Simple and Catchy Title: This will help in boosting the search result and do include your keyword in the title. 

6.) Share, Share and Share: Initially, you will not get many views and to drive more people, do share it as much as you can.

7.) Content is The King: Never forget this primary fact! Someone will only visit your blog only if you have quality content and genuine posts. Don't indulge in the act of plagiarism as it will only degrade your search result and may lead to some action.

8.) Maintain a Simple, yet Effective Theme: No one would love to subscribe to a blog with lots of redirect links, ads, and irrelevant stuff. Many websites provide free themes with a footnote credit and if you want a fully customized theme, then you can even purchase it. 

These are some of the basic tips to successfully start a blog. Once, you achieve this milestone then only go for other stuff like plugins. In my upcoming posts, I will be sharing about the above points in details and other tips to boost up your blog.
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Windows is undoubtedly the King of All OS and obviously, it is pirated on a large scale as well. Though it is advisable to keep the Windows Update ON because by doing so, you are updated with new minor features. There is a group of users who believe that it is in the best interest of their PC to keep the updates off. So here is a step by step guide on How To Disable Windows Update:

1.) Go to Control Panel-> Administrative Tools.

2.) Now From The Different Items Select 'Services'.

3.) A pop screen will appear. From that select 'Windows Update'.

4.) Now make sure that startup type is selected to 'Disabled'. If not then select disabled and then apply the settings.


For them, killing is a fun time job, maybe a habit or in some cases an addiction. Serial Killers often punish their victims in cold blooded murder and by their inhumane act, they steal the spotlight and hence are seen as a vice to the society. Here is a list of Top 10 Serial Killers Of All Time and it's so gory that even The Zodiac Killer couldn't find a spot in this list.

1.) Luis Garavito: This Colombian Serial Killer was given the title "La Bestia" meaning "The Beast". He admitted torture, rape, and murder of 147 Boys. It is believed that this number is as high as around 300 as this is based on the map he drew in Prison, that leads to the skeleton of his victims. He was found guilty for 138 accounts and was sentenced to serve 1853 years in prison. But, Colombian Law limited that sentence to 30 years.
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2.) Pedro Lopez: He was a Colombian serial killer and a rapist who was responsible for killing of 80 girls. According to his confession, he killed and raped more than 300 girls across Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. He was arrested during a failed attempt and was then sentenced to 18 years in Ecuador and later in 2002 was sentenced to life in Colombia.

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3.) Daniel Camargo Barbosa: He raped and killed more than 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador. After escaping a Colombian prison, this Serial Killer confessed to the killing of 72 girls in Ecuador. His mother died when he was a child and he was raised by his stepmother who was abusive in nature. In 1994, he was murdered in the prison by a cousin of one of his victims.

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4.) Pedro Rodrigues Filho: This Brazilian Serial Killer was convicted of murdering 71 people and was sentenced to serve 128 years in prison. At the age of 14, he killed his first victim, the vice mayor of Alfenas. It is believed that he did that on purpose as his father was fired from his job. Also, he killed his father who was also sentenced for murder in the prison. He is accused of killing 47 inmates as well.

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5.) Yang Xinhai: He was the most prolific known Serial Killer in China. This man committed 65 murders and 23 rapes. The Chinese media entitled him as the"Monster Killer". He was executed on 14th February 2016 by shooting.

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6.) Andrei Chikatilo: This Serial Killer had several nicknames as Butcher Of Rostov, Red Ripper, and Rostov Ripper. He gained psychological relief by killing and was convicted of sexual assault and murder of over 52 women and children. He was sentenced to death in 1992.

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7.) Anatoly Onoprienko: He was a Ukranian Serial Killer and Mass Murderer and confessed to the killing of 52 people after he was arrested. He was also known by the nicknames "The Beast of Ukraine", "The Terminator", and "Citizen O". In custody, he confessed that he simply killed as he was commanded to do so by his inner voice. At the age of 52, he died of Heart Attack in the prison.

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8.) Gary Ridgway: This American Serial Killer was infamously known as Green River Killer. Most of his victims were Prostitutes and women of vulnerable situation. He was responsible for murdering 49 girls and women in Washington state during 1980-90. 
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9.) Alexander Pichushkin: Often referred as "The ChessBoard Killer", he is believed to killed as many as 60 victims, though, he was responsible for 48 deaths. This Serial Killer was named as ChessBoard Killer as once he confessed that he wanted to complete the chess board, which has 64 square. He used to lure his victims by offering them Vodka and killing them brutally.

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10.) Wang Qiang: He was considered as one of the most notorious killers in China. He was accused of killing 45 people and raping 10 women. He also raped some girls post-mortem. He grew up in a small village and had a terrible childhood. His father used to drink and gamble a lot and denied his admission to the school.

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So, Christmas is coming and everyone is expecting something to gift somebody and everyone is adding items to their wish-list. Again, the giants of online shopping are ready to clash in order to bring the best deals for you. Here is a list of 10 Must Have Gadgets for everyone and for our "Tech-Savvy" generation and these gadgets are a must own device for everyone, especially for the college going students.

10.) Power Bank(Portable Battery): Best suited for those who are always "On The Move" and with tons of battery killing apps. This is a must have gadget and usually costs $10 to $20. Depending on the power rating, it can easily power up your phone for 2 or 3 times, once you fully charge it.

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9.) Bluetooth Speakers: Again an extremely useful device if you are looking for some fun in the wild, woods or anywhere mobile. This must have gadget can be used to add a bit thrill to your unplanned room parties, movie experience, and other small gatherings.

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8.) Wireless Mouse: To bring the best gamer out of you or maybe if you find it just too clumsy to use the touchpad, wireless mouses can be now termed as an essential and top tech gadget for every laptop and desktop users.

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7.) Activity Tracker: Want to stick to your new year resolution? Maybe an Activity tracker can help you out. This fantastic device measures the heartbeat, step count and calories burnt. If you are looking for any high-end variant, then go for FitBit else Mi Band 2 is a perfect value for money.

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6.) Amazon Kindle: The best gadget in the list and a Must Have gadget for book lovers, Kindle lets you store thousands of books, access them on the go and gives an amazing reading experience. Definitely, not a replacement of books, yet this is the best reading device.

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5.) Chromecast: Google's streaming device is available for 2999 in India. Google Chromecast lets you stream online content on your television, using a local wi-fi network if your T.V. has an HDMI port. Obviously, watching online content online is fun!

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4.) Tile Item Finder: If you often misplaces your car key or any important stuff too frequently, then this device is certainly for you. Attach this to any device and then simply track it by your smartphone.

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3.) Flash Drive: Now with increasing data transfer and reliability on the cloud, storage devices, and memory sticks are loosing the market, but a Flash Device is a must have gadget for everyone as it supports high data transfer through USB 3.0.

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2.) ArmBand Phone Case: Though not technically a gadget, yet this device is very useful for fitness freaks as this lets you carry your Smartphones while working out or jogging.

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1.) BlueSmart Smart Luggage: Again a must have gadget for travellers, this is a smart luggage that lets you lock the bag through your smartphone and even allows real-time tracking. So, no worry of luggage loss now!

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Sporting giant ESPN recently released a list of 100 Most Famous Athletes in The World. Three Indian Athletes feature on this top 100 list and only one was able to secure a position in the Top 10 spot. The list was prepared on the basis of popularity and Google Search frequency. Virat Kohli, M S Dhoni, and Sania Mirza were ranked at 8th, 14th, and 41st position. 

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Famous Athletes in The World

10.) Rafael Nadal(Tennis)

Image result for rafael nadal 

9.) James Rodriguez(Football)

Image result for james rodriguez 

8.) Virat Kohli(Cricket)

Image result for virat kohli  

7.) Tiger Woods(Golf)

Image result for tiger woods 

6.) Kevin Durant(Basketball)
Image result for kevin durant

5.) Roger Federer(Tennis)

Image result for roger federer

4.) Neymar Jr.(Football)

Image result for neymar jr

3.) Lionel Messi(Football)

Image result for messi

2.) LeBron James(Basketball)

Image result for lebron james

1.) Cristiano Ronaldo(Football)

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So cool to sound and too shocking as well! Conspiracy Theories always existed around us and most of the times these are ignored or rather simply termed as rumors. Here is a list of Top 10 Popular Conspiracy Theories of All Time:

10.) Shakespeare Was Just a Face: The most popular poet and playwriter of all time, it is believed by many that William Shakespeare was not the genius behind the finest literature work the world has ever witnessed. This is argued because nothing much is known to the world about Shakespeare's past and many also believe that Shakespeare never had that level of education to justify his work.
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9.) Global Warming is a Hoax: Yup! So, all that's been a hot issue of the debate might be a complete conspiracy. It is believed that this hoax is being spread by the government in order to raise money through taxes. Recently Donald Trump said that it was a Chinese spread hoax in order to lower down the American manufacturing.
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8.) AIDS is a Man-Made Virus: The most deadly of all disease, till date there is no any life saving and precise treatment for AIDS and according to Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President, it was developed by the USA and this was injected willingly to get rid of homosexuals and African-Americans.
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7.) Princess Diana Was Killed Purposely: It was hard to believe that such a great figure was no more! By the time people were still lamenting on her death, the conspirators believed that she was killed on purpose as she was soon expecting to marry her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed (son to the owner of Harrod's and Paris's Ritz Hotel), and planning to become Muslim. This might have been the cause of worry for the British Royal Family. Some also believed that she faked her own death in order to get away from the public eye.
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6.) Jesus and Mary: According to a theory in Dan Brown's bestseller(The DaVinci Code) Jesus and Mary were married and had one or more children. Their bloodline was extended till the present world.
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5.) The ILLUMINATI and New World Order: Midst the hush-hush of Democracy, conspiracy theorists believe that secret organizations like ILLUMINATI and other groups are planning to rule the world by the means of a single governing body. Signs of the New World Order are said to be the Pyramid on the reverse of the Great Seal of the USA and Pentagrams in city plans.
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4.) NASA Faked the Moon Landing: So, was that all wrong? Has man never been on the Moon? Many believe that NASA Faked the Moon Landing in order to beat the Soviet rivals and they tampered the pieces of evidence to prove the landing. Those who question this theory suggest that the Photographs were morphed and there was no star in sight in the background. Also, the Flag was moving in a strange manner and the direction of shadow was different.
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3.) The assassination of John F. Kennedy: JFK was shot on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas at 12.30pm. He was fatally wounded by gunshots while riding with his wife - Jacqueline Kennedy - in a motorcade. Several conspiracy theories suggest that there were two shooters present and Lee Harvey Oswald was used as a pawn in the game as he later shot himself in the police custody. Some argue that this was a planned assassination by FBI or KGB or the Mafia.
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2.) Roswell Incident: On July 7, 1947,  something crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and - at first - the US authorities stated explicitly that this was a flying saucer or disk. Numerous witnesses reported seeing metallic debris scattered over a wide area and at least one reported seeing a blazing craft crossing the sky shortly before it crashed. In 1989, former mortician Glenn Dennis claimed that he was involved in alien autopsies which were carried out at the Roswell air force base.
Related image

1.) 9/11: Though, Al-Qaeda claimed the responsibility of the biggest terrorist act, yet many believe that the U.S. government knew of the upcoming attack and did nothing. Conspiracy theorists believe that the way the two towers went down proves that the U.S. government either planned the attack or aided in the complete destruction of the towers to fuel hatred and to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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So, that's all! Comment below your favorite conspiracy theory and any other mention.