Free Speech Is an Illusion!

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"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear". Well said and truly apt for today's scenario as quoted by George Orwell. In today's context "Free Speech" is nothing more than a dirty illusion and a hoax.

The right to freedom in Article 19, guarantees the freedom of speech and expression as one of the six fundamental freedoms and we have a system so crippled, a society so primitive and people so orthodox that every time a person argue the toss, then either he is beaten to death to imprisoned behind  the bars.

Freedom of speech is not just a special permission granted to us by the government that magically enables us to say whatever we want. Rather, we can say whatever we want simply because we as human beings have the ability to speak. Free speech is  something that does not support terrorist as in case of Umar Khalid or something that doesn't talk about breaking a federal country as JNU people did or in the case of 'Friday Protests in Downtown Kashmir', that's just a ridiculous example of spreading hatred in the name of "Free Speech". Free Speech is something in the name of which a young man from Jharkhand was allegedly  beaten to death under police custody just because he was accused of forwarding some "Beef" related what's app messages , something for which two teenagers from U.P. were arrested for an FB political post and talking about the true meaning of "Freedom Of Speech", it is something which can be used as a tool for liberty and freedom but does our constitution really guarantees us the freedom of speech and expression? The answer is a big 'NO'. Although, IT act of 2000 has been a subject of debate. Its section 66A defines the punishment for sending offensive messages through any electronic medium but is sending a "Beef Message" too offensive?
Right from the time of praising "Bharat Mata Ki Jay" to "We want freedom against ban", a lot of things have changed and so is the definition of free speech.

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Certainly censoring all the stuff on television and media is not a solution as in the process often the true voices and opinion are ignored and those who dare to raise a voice are simply being murdered as we saw in the 'Vyapam Massacre' because we certainly don't have any protection acts that are up to the mark.

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All the vices of the world may vary from place to place and we need to have a clear opinion regarding them. Take the case of Russia, which is constantly criticised for it's anti-gay laws, middle east is seen as the breeding ground for all the evil and Asian and African countries are looked down upon for infringement of Human Rights.

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In our society too had that not been the scenario, great artists like M.F Hussain and Salman Rushdie might have never left India.


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