Get To Know The Basics Of COMMAND PROMPT

In fact all of us are aware of what command prompt does, but the irony exists in itself that most of us don’t have a “COMMAND” over it. Sometimes it may seem to be a cool stuff and gives us an impression of a genius but everyone must be at least be aware of these basic commands.

1.)DIR-> This command is simply an abbreviation of ‘Directory’ or ‘Folder’ and is used to see the contents of the directory.

This is what Command Prompt screen looks like and now it’s command is under User\Abhishek folder and when I write dir and hit enter then Bingo!

Now you can see the contents and sub-folders of the directory.

2.) CD-> Now what if you want to access a folder or sub-folder after having a look at the directory. So, here cd command is used to access a directory.
Just type cd folder name
Like here if I want to access Desktop so, I write cd Desktop and voila we are in Desktop.
3.) CD..-> This does exactly the opposite of what cd command does, it takes you one step back into the previous directory. So now if I want to go back to ‘Abhishek’, I write cd.. and I am back to ‘Abhishek’.
4.) MD-> Make Directory that is, it will create a directory.
Now suppose if I want to create a directory as 123, so, I just type md 123 and it will create a directory.

5.) RD-> Does exactly what you think! Yup it removes a directory. Now I want to remove the previous directory so I write rd 123 and it will delete 123.

See 123 has been removed or deleted.


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