How can India be World's Most Powerful and Developed Country

Now, as far as we know that most of us till now we take pride only in being the second most populated country in the world. No doubt, globally I consider only U.S.A. being both superpower and a developed nation as China and Russia are yet crippled by many vices. Talking about, how we can make our country world’s most powerful and developed country, the answer is straight and simple, that is by working. Be it our defense, democracy, ISRO and other endless stuff, until the time we won’t work without making excuses, we will never be a superpower. Narendra Modi is already working day and night only to prosper this nation and if we seriously follow his initiatives then we may become the supreme power. So here are some steps which we can undertake and which must be undertaken to become a superpower.
1.) Make In India: I truly mean this, as yet we are not a giant manufacturing hub as China, but Make In India is one of the most ambitious and dream project of Mr. Modi. Talking about the manufacturing, although Indian Defense Service is among one of the best in the world, yet we are heavily dependent on countries like France, Russia, and Israel. Not only defense but mostly we are dependent on other nation for the variety of goods and services.
2.) Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan: Apart from taking selfies and holding a broomstick, if we actually devote time to our community for a clean India then in no time, Hollywood will stop portraying us as a country full of shit and crap. Every citizen must act to maintain cleanliness around his environment and stop blaming others.
3.) No Reservation on the basis of the cast: Do I need to say more?
4.) Proper Coordination between state and central government: With a nation having such a large diversity and colors, it is almost impossible to govern it through the means of a single person. So, there must be proper coordination between center and state, without indulging in controversies and fights.
I think that in order to make our country great again, we must work on our own for the nation and try building a strong foundation for the upcoming generation also because yet, we are Young India!


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