Rise Of ISIS Influence, six held in Kerala

Image result for terrorismIn an outrageous attempt to target South Indian places, six members of a terror module were arrested on 2nd October by National Investigation Agency(NIA). The group is allegedly inspired by Islamic State(IS). Five suspects were arrested from Kannur district and the other one from Kozhikode. These militants were all in the age group of 24-30 years. Previously also on several occasions in a failed attempt to join ISIS, few youths across the sub-continent were arrested. Last year, a 26-year-old from Hyderabad was in contact with ISIS handlers and was well tracked by security forces as well and gradually getting lured to the idea of attaining Jannat (Heaven). Intelligence agency got hold of 20 recruits from India last year, which includes 17 from Maharashtra were not charged in order to de-radicalize them. Also in January this year three youths were arrested in Syria who were to join the militant group trespassing the Jordan border. In a statement by the government in August this year, it was quoted as “Terrorist organization was able to attract just a very few youth across India and the government is working towards their deradicalisation”.
ISIS is recruiting militants across the globe.

Till now even the government and NIA has been successful on keeping track on them and many are on the radar or being flagged as Social media is the easiest way of communication for them.


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