The Bizarre Reality Behind life of Kim Jong-Un!

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So for me after watching 'The Interview', I was like OK! This man is still alive, how it can be? Probably only because the United States didn't find out anyoil fields in Pyongyang! Jokes apart we all know about this sadist guy, his acts of tyranny and diabolic fear among his people. So recently few days back he was again in news, for conducting a nuclear test. Here are a few facts about this 'Supreme Leader' and his brutal acts.

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1.) No Real Choice: Ballots in N.Korea has only one option. So, hate him or again hate him this guy leaves you with no choice other than taking his bullets.

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2.) Outrageous Calendar:  N. Korea bases it's calendar on birth of  Kim II Sung's date of birth: 15 April 1912. So probably these people are living in like 104 A.D.

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3.) Death Of His Father: When his father passed away, a public mourning was conducted and whosoever found not grieving was punished.

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4.) He executed his uncle: His uncle Jang Song Thaek was found guilty of  act of conspiracy and as a result was striped naked and was thrown in a cage to feed the hungry wild dogs. Further, his aunt was also killed as she was not happy with this act.

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5.) Hairstyle: There is a set of 28 predefined hairstyle to choose from. No men are allowed to keep hair longer than 2 inch at back and an inch on front side.

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