This Man Killed At Least Twice as Compared to Hitler, yet Most Of Us Are Unaware Of Him

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This Georgian Satanic figure is considered as the worst killing machine of all times and was responsible for the death of over 27 Million people which includes over 20 Million of his own men. He was none other than Joseph Stalin, worst dictator of all times yet he is the one who transformed the so-called "Peasant" country to a "Superpower"! Here are some of the astonishing and unknown reality behind this man.

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1.) Stalin, The Man Of Steel : He was born in Georgia, which was a part of the Russian Empire and his birth name was Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. His father was a cobbler and his mother was a maid and due to his poor background eventually he dropped out of school. He participated in movements in his young age and was sent to exile. Later on, he changed his name to Stalin, meaning "Man Of Steel".

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2.) Lenin and Stalin: He was considered the right hand of Lenin, and rose to power afterwards. He rose to highest party commands and after the death of Lenin in 1924 became the undisputed leader by sending his closest competitor, Trotsky to exile. Trotsky was later killed by an assassin sent by Stalin.
According to a testimony of Vladimir Lenin, Lenin never wanted Stalin to be his successor.

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Stalin(L) with Lenin(M) and Trotsky
3.) His Reign Of Terror: He abolished all kind of religious practices, beheaded priests and the primitive practice of Orthodox was put into shadows. If someone who was to be worshiped, it was Stalin as it was mandatory for everyone to have his photo hung in their house.

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4.) Industrialisation and eventual famine: Stalin extensively focused on Industrialisation trying to transform Russia and in the process but meanwhile, the population in the countryside(which was about 70%) were worst hit. Small peasants were forced to give their lands and those who opposed were taken care of and deported to camps. While there was no food in Russia, Stalin was exporting tonnes of commodities. Camps were just a replica of Hitler's concentration camps, in fact, much harsher.

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5.) He was miles away from being a "Family Guy" : Stalin's second wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva started questioning him for famines and terrible rural situation but this act made no effect on Stalin and later he killed her, but in an Official statement according to the government she died of severe medical issues. His elder son, became a Prisoner Of War, after an initial attack from Germany. Later on, when Germany tried to negotiate for the exchange of his son in return of a German General, he refused the offer and his son was eventually sent to concentration camp in Germany and was killed.
Stalin left home at a young age and during his empire went to see his mother only once and even did not attend her funeral.

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6.) Biggest Irony: He was nominated for Noble Peace Prize that too on a couple of occasions.

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Despite being such a great paragon of vice, he is still considered to be a holy figure in Russia by many and he truly is the face of making Russia a Superpower.


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