Top Pablo Escobar facts that will make you say WTF!

He is considered as a paragon of vice, sometimes referred to as 'The Robinhood' and his brazen acts made him an aficionado of the biggest ever drug cartel.  Here are some mind-blowing facts about Pablo Escobar that will blow up your mind.

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1.) He was Insanely Rich: I mean yes, this guy was filthy rich as in 1989 he was listed as the 7th richest man in the world by 'Forbes'. His peak earning was estimated around $30Billion  a year including $1-2 Billion of loss per month.

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2.) He spent around $3000 a week on rubber bands for cash.
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3.) He was a Family Guy: For him,  his family was above all, during his run along with his family once he burned down $2 Million so as to keep her daughter warm.

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4.) His Pilots could make a huge pile of bills: Escobar mainly smuggled drugs in U.S.A. and other parts of the world and was supplying around 80% of cocaine. He had a fleet of hundreds of airplanes for smuggling and his pilots could earn up to $500,000 a day! Yup, you got that right five with five zeroes.
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5.) From Rags to Riches: Escobar was born to lower middle-income family. His father was a farmer and his mother was a schoolteacher. He started his days of crime from the street of Medellin and was involved in pity crimes during his  initial days.
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6.) The Robinhood: He was seen as a magnanimous guy who builds up Churches, Hospitals ,and Soccer teams. Due to his acts , he was a celebrated figure of the mass and poor shielded him till his last days.
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7.) Death King: He was responsible for killing of over 4000 people which include,  thousands of policeman, hundreds of judges, reporters, and government officials.

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8.) Extradition: Escobar's greatest fear was of extradition. He once said that he would rather go to his grave than going to a prison cell in U.S.A. His fear was so great that he tried to change the extradition laws of Colombia by paying the country's entire debt, which was around $10 Billion. And in order to protect himself from this, he builds up his own prison called 'La Catedral' where no Policeman was allowed in the range of 2 miles and it was heavily guarded by his own men with all the luxury inside.

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