OROP Hustle and the Pitching Politics

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Yet there is something left in the game and an opportunity for big guns to clash again. Many witnessed the chaos and drama amidst the political hush and diplomatic approach on November 1st as a 70-YEAR-OLD ex-serviceman committed suicide by consuming poison at Janpath. Now let's sneak into the matter and see how OROP connotes an underlying fear and a bliss of ignorance among the ex-servicemen.
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What is OROP?
One Rank One Pension as the name suggests ensures an equal pay for the retired military veterans of the same rank and length of service will receive the same pension, regardless of their retirement.
This will directly benefit around 30 lakhs veterans from all defense service(Army, Air-Force, and Naval Force).This means that armed forces personals should get the benefit for change in salary after they retire.Thus, if an officer retires as a Major, his salary level will be linked to that of a Major who retires 10 years after he does.

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This may sound a bit annoying and illogical to the civilians but the fact is that around 90% of military person retires between the age of 35-37 and they must be entitled to the same pay even after the retirement for their unconditional service to the nation.

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Government V/S the Forces
In 1973, then P.M. Indira Gandhi terminated the OROP scheme and since the country saw an era of struggle and protest till 2016 when Narendra Modi government finally granted it to the Armed Force personals, yet many were not satisfied with the pay and structural change in the OROP scheme.

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Political Scenario
When the U.P.A. government was in power, they faced constant criticism from the opposition to implement the scheme and now the opposition parties are blaming the government for the flaws in the scheme over which Subedar Ram Krishna Grewal committed suicide. Now again this incident made many question the policies of the current N.D.A. government and leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi is trying to find a political opportunity to be benefited from this.
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