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Well, this is my first post related to Blogging and SEO. I will share some tips regarding How To Start A Blog. Blogging is a very promising and lucrative field of writing stuff over the internet. Fellas who are looking over the internet for articles on How To Start A Blog will find every stuff right here from scratch. So, now let's begin with this and see about the basic requirement and other stuff.

1.) Choose A Platform: Blogger and Wordpress is a very nice platform, to begin with. If you are planning to start a blog related to sharing your writing or your personal blog regarding your experience or sharing then Blogger is a great platform. If you are targeting viewership and some awesome SEO tools then nothing beats Wordpress. But, according to me Blogger and Wordpress are equally good for a newbie blogger.

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2.) Target a Particular Audience: A niche audience will ensure some initial subscription and regular page visit. Choose your field wisely and you may write accordingly depending on your field of expertise or domain. If you want to rise fast then, choose an area with very less present resources and web content.

3.) Create a Fan Page: If you want to start a blog, then do create a fan page(Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c.). For a newbie blogger, a maximum audience is directed from these sites. Usually, for my blog, I get around 80% of my views from these sites. Also, do add the Fan Page on your blog to maximize the reach.

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4.) Choose Your Keywords Wisely: Keyword selection is the main and most important criteria for a higher search result. Try to have an occurrence of at least 2% of the main keyword in your article. 

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5.) Make a Simple and Catchy Title: This will help in boosting the search result and do include your keyword in the title. 

6.) Share, Share and Share: Initially, you will not get many views and to drive more people, do share it as much as you can.

7.) Content is The King: Never forget this primary fact! Someone will only visit your blog only if you have quality content and genuine posts. Don't indulge in the act of plagiarism as it will only degrade your search result and may lead to some action.

8.) Maintain a Simple, yet Effective Theme: No one would love to subscribe to a blog with lots of redirect links, ads, and irrelevant stuff. Many websites provide free themes with a footnote credit and if you want a fully customized theme, then you can even purchase it. 

These are some of the basic tips to successfully start a blog. Once, you achieve this milestone then only go for other stuff like plugins. In my upcoming posts, I will be sharing about the above points in details and other tips to boost up your blog.

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